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There are those who seek to make the world a safer place, striving to improve it for everyone around them. Others who just want to watch the world burn. Wildfire falls in the latter group. Raised by the famed scientist Artificer, Wildfire learned how to work with machines from a young age. Engines purred at her touch and metal bent itself for her affection. Wildfire knew she had the talent to be one of the best blacksmiths in the world, if not the best. As a young girl, she spent her time with her adoptive sister and mother, learning all she could about machines. Still, she never felt quite satisfied living in her mentor’s shadow.



ADVANTAGE: Metal Melter

Wildfire deals an additional damage per second for 2 seconds when she hits an enemy with any of her weapons.


Character Guide


A truckload of damage compacted into a stylish old-school hot rod. Wildfire is the type of interceptor that has the proper motives to intimidate everyone in the arena, focusing entirely on causing lots of damage with all weapon skills. The Metal Melter advantage causes extra damage to the target for 2 seconds, after being hit by any of Wildfire's weapons. That's not just helpful for finishing up enemies that are close to being defeated, but it also stalls the life repair of running away with life. Whirling Dragon has low reach, almost like a melee, but it compensates for that by causing a lot of damage, as long as Wildfire remains close to the targets. Devil's Spit shoots a long distance flaming projectile that follows a straight line and also pushes the enemy. This way it's possible to throw a transporter carrying the bomb into a dropper or the lava, causing more damage and inciting the use of the phrase "Bringing the heat!" more than it should. Finally, Drop of Destruction is an in-flames mass destruction around Wildfire. There ain't no fuss: it's the press the button to kill everyone. As the red-headed beauty that drives it, this is the machine that doesn't mess around and goes straight to the point: fast and direct destruction. This is why Wildfire frightens her opponents and is beloved by the crowds of the Arena.


Slaughter Collector

MORE DAMAGE! That's what you want, right? To become lethal. Then let's get to it: focus on the fire. Let's start by spinning the Whirling Dragon. The upgrade Feeding the Devil will help this dangerous pilot to create even more fire! So get yourself in that mess and put that flamethrower to work! Following up, Hell is for Everyone will support you on keeping the enemies sweating while you follow them for a longer period and, along with Feeding the Devil, will maximize the usage of the Devil's Spit. Boom, baby! We'll also improve Devil Spit's damage with Scorched Earth, to hurt those enemies that pass by the area affected. Burning Brother will add a second explosion to the Spit, resulting on even more fire and annihilation. The generic upgrade, Bullets from Hell increases the damage caused and even though it may seem like an exaggeration, remember that it's what you were looking for, so fire it up (literally). And in case all of that wasn't enough for transforming your enemies into ashes, Apocalypse will show them how to catch on fire!

Burning in Hell

Wildfire is a natural born killer, so instead of using all of that talent increasing her lethality, this strategy will focus on increasing the enemies' torment. Improving the Whirl with Heated to the Core will keep the targets from getting repaired, which can annul the opposition's support if used correctly. Afterward, getting the Overheating Fever for the Spit will greatly reduce the enemy's damage to the target, which also reduces the efficiency of the enemy interceptor. Increasing the area of impact with Hurting High and Low will, in its turn, increase the chance to hit them with the Fever. Wrap up the Whirl with Devouring Flame, so you can keep yourself in combat for a longer period as well as to take advantage of the Weak effect that was cast to the enemies. With this strategy, the naturally high damage from Wildfire will be complemented with a series of disruptive effect that, even though require a certain skill, can make an irreparable blow to the enemy team.


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