The Under Dog’s Pride

Stingray isn’t your average pilot. He got his start as a hacker, pirate media personality and performance artist in the streets of Metal City. Running his free pirate television show, Free Metal TV, that broadcasted across the city, he rose in popularity as many came to watch his exploits, a true underdog fighting against the oppressive tyranny of the world.
Of course, said ‘Tyrants’ didn’t feel the same way. It took some time, and no small amount of effort, but the Sect of Metal managed to find Stingray’s broadcasts, cracking down on the pirate. Tried as a criminal in spite of his young age, the boy found himself faced with exorbitant fines in damages against the city.

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ADVANTAGE: Overcharge

Your weapons will increase damage and other effects as long as you hit your enemies in a short time


  • 800
  • 600
  • 600
  • 400
  • 800
  • 400
  • 600
  • 600
  • 800

Character Guide


Stingray is extremely good at dealing large amounts of damage in a short time. If you ever need someone to neutralize a single pilot out, this little hacker fellow is the one to call. His advantage ability, Overcharge, charges up every time he hits someone with his weapons. That means that the longer you keep dealing damage, the higher the damage will be. The main weapon of Stingray is what gives this car its name: the Laser Drill is one hell of a sting fired in front of the car that deals damage over time continuously. This weapon has an overheat mechanic tied to Overcharge, so it needs to be used with caution. Coming next, Power Wave is a crucial ability for Stingray to achieve his maximum potential. Firing a large wave in front of the car, Stingray deals damage, pushes enemies and applies Dazed on them for a short period. A few enemies close to each other and an application of Power Wave means your Overcharge will be up and ready at a faster rate. Lastly, Double Kienzan is a one of a kind special ability. Stingray fires two energy discs in different paths that cross each other dealing massive damage. It might seem a little hard to hit both discs at the beginning, but once you realize that Power Wave pushes them exactly where you need them to be, it's just a matter of timing.


Precise Sting

Sometimes all you need in a match is a good old focus fire on a pesky enemy. Stingray does that job with one arm behind his back while hacking the zeppelin at the same time. Ocular Cannon makes it so that they can’t just “shake off” his laser beam so easily, and Power Drain will nullify some of the speed of the carriers, impeding them from running away from you. Looking at you, Black Lotus. Wave Amplifier and Energy Booster give that extra “oomph” you need to really destroy your primary target. The extra width can drop them into lava or a dropper, while the Vulnerable status applies to ALL the damage they receive. Lastly, try to grab the extra power from Bullets from Hell and with Symphony of Power to recharge the Double Kienzan at a faster pace.

Charging Subjects

Stingray’s Laser Drill is a huge single target weapon, but in order for it to hit really hard, Overcharge needs to be ready, and the best way of doing this is by dealing damage to lots of enemies at once. Power Wave's Physics Degree decreases the recharge rate of Power Wave considerably if you keep hitting someone, and then Overcharge Capacitor will make your advantage ready that much faster. And when all enemies are hit together by Power Wave, Explosive Kienzan will just annihilate anything in the way (also remember to get Prismatic Catalyst and Symphony of Power to charge it much faster!). Since you’ll be next to more enemies than you should, Power Feedback can repair not only yourself but your whole team if well coordinated. Thanks, science!


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