Revenge Ennobles a Man

Rampage wasn’t always the rage-filled destructive force of nature he is today. Once, he was a brilliant machinist who sought to make the world a better place for all, to bring technology and prosperity out to the Wastes. He wanted to turn Metal City into a shining beacon representing the best of humanity. Given the current state of Metal City, it’s clear he didn’t succeed.



ADVANTAGE: Headstrong

Rampage's blade works as a shield, absorbing 35% of the damage he takes in front of him.


Character Guide


Rampage is an interceptor who doesn't care about the enemy's opinion. If he wants the target out of his way, the target goes out of his way. If he wants to make someone drop the bomb, the bomb is dropped. If he wants to push the entire enemy team to the lava, well... hasta la vista, enemy team. His advantage, Headstrong, shouldn't be taken for granted. Reducing damage is something that can make a huge difference in the battle when used wisely. But remember to line the blade of his bulldozer on the direction of the damage, even if it means to drive on backward. When Rampage masters this skill, he survives for a longer period and, this way, intercept more. The first weapon, Blade Smash, besides causing damage, can give a hard push on hit enemies. Why choose between push and smash if you can do both with the same skill? Especially if it pushes the enemy transporter to the dropper or lava. The second weapon... well. It's with this weapon that Rampage lets all the anger flows through his gears and destroy his enemies. The Demolition Engine is a frontal attack with the blade that causes damage and pulls the rivals on your way. In case they collide with a wall, they took an extra damage for it. Nothing unleashes more hate than launching your enemies to the wall or melting them on a lava Quadricide. Just as the Blade Smash, the Demolition Engine can also save your team by pushing the enemies to the droppers. Anger is contagious, and you can make your rivals sick if you disrupt them so many times. Finally, the Wrathquake is fury in its pure shape: a straight line area damage that dazes enemies with good range which crosses even the walls on a chaotic anger trail. As the anger itself, Rampage's weapons require a little bit of focus and control to hit the targets on a destructive way. As anger itself, he can smash the opposition without leaving any chance of resistance.


I’m Always Angry, Captain

This strategy focuses in keeping Rampage with all his weapons ready, reducing the cooldown of his skills. Starting with an upgrade called Wreckage Master for the Blade Smash. Yes, it's a weapon that requires some skill to be used right, but reducing the Demolition Engine's cooldown is very necessary, mainly because its use can be a game changer. Finishing the Blade Smash, you can buy the Unending Routine upgrade and guarantee it more times to create this furious connection with the Demolition Engine. Talking about the Demolition Engine, we can start purchasing the Happy Hour upgrade. Now, besides using this skill more often (by hitting right with the Blash Smash), it will cause more damage when you engage two or more targets in your angry rush. After this, finish with the Huge Jerk upgrade to increase your chances to take more people on your way and get a damage bonus from the Happy Hour. This strategy can be finished with Symphony of Power for the Wrathquake and you also can power up it with the Rage Against the Machines upgrade, increasing the damage area.

Riding The Rage

Even though his primary role is to intercept, Rampage can fix the team's problems by delivery the bomb with his own hands (dirty with blood, probably) and pretend to be the transporter himself. Buying the Safety First upgrade for his Blade Smash weapon, Rampage gets Temporary HP when hit and stay alive on the fight and deliver the bomb until the end. The Demolition Engine can be upgraded with the Social Path, which helps supports to stay close to Rampage and repair him. It can help the rest of the team as well, but they have to be smart and follow his track. As the third step, the general upgrade that accelerates the recovery speed is a good choice, especially because it allows you to leave the fight, repair quickly and be right back to the action or run away from the chaos, repairing while running to the delivery point. You can also upgrade the Blade Smash with Shut Them Up. Rampage will let enemies hit by him without using their weapons temporarily (avoiding annoying attacks on your way), and Wounder Wall (for the Demolition Engine) will make them slower when in their pursuit for you. In this strategy, the use of his Advantage is especially important, because Rampage should take the least damage possible to make it to the end. Remember to turn your car and drive backward when needed, to keep his blade protecting you from enemies skills.


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