Metal Herald

Glory and Damnation

Within the limits of Metal City, there are few who can rise to challenge the power wielded by the Sect of Metal. They, and they alone, bear the messages of the Metal God to the rabble that scrounge for survival in its streets. Even the Patrons move carefully around the Sect and its frontman, the Metal Herald. Among those unfortunate souls brought to kneel before the Herald in judgement, none leave without admitting their sins and evils before the eyes of the God chosen. Those who find themselves face-to-face with the skull-faced Ayatollah of Rock nā€™ Roll would sooner risk death than endure his wrath a second time.

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ADVANTAGE: Harmonic Touch

When Metal Herald hits allies with his weapons, he removes negative effects.


Character Guide


Faith moves mountains, destroys machines and blesses the chosen ones. The passionate bishop Metal Herald uses his divine melody to keep his sheep safe and torment the infidels on the adversary team. When used efficiently, it is a priceless tool during the crossing to the enemy base and can transform a hard game into a walk in the park ā€“ straight to victory. His sacred arsenal begins with a powerful advantage, the Harmonic Touch, which removes the negative effects from allies by simply touching any weapon ā€“ primary or secondary. When close to allies and striking right on the bullseye, the advantage turns Herald into a moving tower that can remove debuffs, eliminating Slow, disarmament and other negative effects that make life harder for the allies. His first weapon, Indoctrinator, is a versatile tool both for its weapon to cause constant damage as well as to repair your colleagues machines. However, despite covering a reasonable area, it has to be close range to have an effect. When mastered, the Indoctrinator is one of the most effective repairing skills in the arena and can also cause serious damage to enemies. The second weapon, Melodic Vessel, has the same double characteristic: it repairs the allied faithful and condemns the enemy heretics. Here, what is important is that the Herald carefully observes the course of the two teams: leaving the grenades on an easy path for the friendly transporter to spot and also where the adversary team will inevitably pass, so use it wisely. Finally, Chord of Omnipotence invokes the grace of the divine metal rock and makes all allies located near the Herald damage-proof. However, he continues to be vulnerable and needs to pray for his own life while he protects his team. A well-played Chord is an extremely powerful tool when helping deliver a bomb and can determine the result of a game. Metal Herald is a type of Support that requires some mastery, but is blessed for its tremendous effectiveness. It is the proof on wheels that the Sect exercises full mastery over the arena and that any adversary will feel the burn of the divine fury of Metal.


Holy Ground

This strategy focuses on increasing the area covered by the Herald's skills. This means not only an easier time determining skills, but also that more allies are repaired and more enemies damaged. Because Indoctrinator is the skill that is the most used for the longest period of time, we begin with improvements from Divine Finger, which will increase its range. With this, it attempts to cure multiple allies and hit more than one enemy, when possible. After that, improve Melodic Vessel with Gospel Disseminator to cause even more damage to the enemies. Try to use it in front of your transporter so that it and other allies can benefit from the repair and follow its course to attract enemy movement until the explosion. Improving Indoctrinator with Blessing from Beyond makes it a curing tool for the Metal Herald himself. With it, he can now reach more people, and it will also cure him to a greater extent. It is an excellent way to increase his life support out there on the track. Closing the Melodic Vessel with Immense Faith each ally or enemy that passes through it will grant Temporary Health to Heral, which can be really useful for staying in the battle..

Unyielding Fervor

This strategy increases the effectiveness of the Indoctrinator while maximizing the power of the Chord of Omnipotence. Improving the Indoctrinator with Hard Rock Sermon and then with Bless from Beyond allows for its more frequent use, repairing more points for allies and causing more damage to enemies, which will accelerate the recharging of the Chord. This recharging is even faster when compared to the generic improvement Symphony of Power afterward. With this, the Herald can already recharge the Chord fast enough to make it easier to deliver the bomb, if used at the right times. Remember to use it when you feel that your transporter is in more danger or when the enemies are about to use some special damage weapon. Improving Chord with Bane of the Damned, the Herald can guarantee more invulnerability time to the allies while he himself receives 25% shielding, reducing any damage inflicted upon him. Improving Melodic Vessel with Hurtful Truth inflicts Slow on the adversary affected, making the life of the ally transporter a bit easier. Ending with the Tenacious Tune improvement, the grenade will repair more ally damage, which is useful while the Chord is being recharged.


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