Little Monster

Morbid Ring Around the Rosie

Throughout the history of the Heavy Metal Machines Tournament, there has only been one to bear the title of the "Champion”. He took his machine from obscurity to legend, becoming a well-known figure throughout Metal City. Riding in tournament after tournament, he never lost a match in his entire career.

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Little Monster runs over enemy machines, who receive Slow. (Slow - a machine with this effect has its speed reduced in 40%)


Character Guide


Nothing for a stubborn child. Especially a psychopath child driving a monster truck. Little Monster is a transporting fortress that, when carrying a bomb, will only stop when it is delivered. And those who get in the way invariably end up crushed beneath the gigantic and brutal tires of a monstrous machine. The advantage Monstrous produces a deadly and fast giant crushing roller: simply run over your enemies so the rest of the team can reach them and finish the job. It is hard to pass a car when it is on top of you. The Devourer's Maw has a good front attack area, and the more enemies hit, the more life Little Monster will repair. The improvements are also very versatile, and can focus on damage caused, life support out on the course or as a support function, which the Monster can use masterfully when combined with the second weapon. Crushing Pounce throws the machine up into the air, where it cannot get hit. When it comes back down, nearby enemies take a hit. It is an excellent dodge movement if used at exactly the right time. A child hopping on a massive machine is the type of insane stuff you see in Metal City and the kind of frustration that leaves the adversary pilots completely embarassed, when the Rampage passes by without hitting it or when the Clunkers' hook is used up swatting at flies, for example. The special skill Terror Carapace guarantees the child's health and ensures that she can continue along the enemy path fearlessly: constantly regenerated life means that defeat becomes a task of very well-coordinated adults, or to the contrary, the game of tag ends with Little Monster's evil laughter, set to the sounds of the enemy base exploding.


Monster Friends

This strategy is focused on turning Little Monster into a team player, which she can do very well (if so willing) and which makes it easier to deliver the bomb with the rest of the team. The upgrade Feeding the Pack will guarantee that the allies nearby benefit from Recovery of the Devourer's Maw so that everyone moves forward together for the delivery, united in the struggle. Subsequent improvement of the Crushing Pounce with The Brood Flies will give the dodge benefit to the rest of the team, which will not only save them from common weapons, but also from the special ones, if used wisely and at the right time. After that, improve Devourer's Maw with Ravenous Coiler, to increase the chances of making the bomb delivery. Ending the Pounce with the Blasting Pressure will make it harder for enemies to brake their ally convoy, and can even be used defensively to push the enemy transporter into the strikers.

Reverse Little Monster

Just like Little Monster, this strategy is dangerous, bizarre, and above all, fun. As a transporter, she will always have enemies chasing for her. Her lethal Devourer's Maw, however, takes the lead. What to do? Well, it's simple as child's play: just turn the cannon backwards. The secret here is to master the use of the Maw while continuing along the path to delivery. It does require some practice, it's true, but it uses all Little Monster's curing potential and makes her unstoppable. The first improvement is to the Maw, with the Gigantic Gut, which ends up increasing the life Recovery time. After that, end the Maw with Ravenous Coiler, which improves Recovery and, through these two boosts, will accelerate the recharge of Terror Carapace. After closing Maw, purchasing Symphony of Power will increase your special gain even more, leveraging your strategy to make it out on the track. Improving Crushing Pounce with Undying Dive will make Little Monster more resistant, creating a good synergy with the constant cure strategy. The same should be done when Nitro is ready for use. Right after, you can improve Terror Carapace with Juggernaut to complete the Recovery strategy. Finally, improving Pounce with Enormous Paws increases your chance of hitting all enemies in pursuit of the Little Monster. This is a strategy that requires some practice, but it rewards the player that can master it.


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