Full Metal


Judge, Jury & Executor

A wasteland slayer, Full Metal Judge was known as “The Red Blight” - for wherever he wanders nobody survives. He drives alone through the deserts, where no one is brave enough to stand on his path. Those who inadvertently do, quickly find themselves with no escape in the face of the Judge.
An entire tribe of natives were once decimated by The Red Blight, which attracted the attention of the Sect of Metal. The Sect captured the Judge, and gave him a new life and a new purpose: to kill heretics in the name of the Sect and obtain his own redemption.
Musical Style: Wasteland Rock


ADVANTAGE: Relentless Chaser

The fewer hit points Full Metal Judge has, the faster his weapons' cooldowns are.

Character Guide


Full Metal Judge is a great transporter that can also dish a lot of damage if you can aim his Missile Gun properly. Every shot that hits an enemy drops scrap that can be picked up for temporary life, adding even more survivability to the Judge. As a veteran for the Sect of Metal, Full Metal Judge is the go-to person for chasing and delivering "justice" as they seem fit.
The Blockade Breach ability allows him to not only tackle and damage his opponents, but also avoid and resist weapons that push - perfect for charging with the bomb without interruptions. When the Full Metal Judge comes for you, there is nowhere to run - the less health he has left, the shorter the cooldown on the Missile Gun and Blockade Breach abilities is, thanks to his passive Relentless Chaser. Don't anger the Judge they say.
His ultimate, Iron Storm, showers the battlefield with bullets from the Missile Gun in quick succession, delivering lead and destruction to anyone on his path. It's a new definition of bullet hell, and you won't like to be in front of him for his lesson.


Ghost Riders

Full Metal Judge can be a really good asset for his team by providing them with lots of temporary health. Keep in mind that he is not a support character and will not babysit other drivers - after all, he is the judge, jury and executioner in the arena. With this build, you should focus on getting Train of Steel and Rattlesnake Bullets, which is great for creating a 4-drivers deathball, driving very close together with your team to give increasing amounts of temporary health for everyone. This works even better when you have area of effect heals, like Metal Herald provides.
To complement this build, you can get Drivers on the Storm to give your allies the same resistance buff, improving the deathball even further and Black Engine to move freely for more time.

Guns Blazing

This build focus more on dishing out a ton of damage very fast. By taking Lead Coat, you improve the damage of your main gun and the ultimate. Since you will be shooting all the time, My Gun and Me will make the downtime better. Next, get Bumper of the Lord for damage and Wild Wheel for the added stun, making your Blockade Breach not only an escape tool but also a menacing damage skill.
To complement this build, Heavy Metal Plates allows you to stay in combat longer, meaning that those who try to stop you will be judged... and sentenced to death!



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