The Sand Gang Captain

Famous pirate leader who navigates the Sand Seas of the Wastelands, Dirt Devil has earned that name thanks to his thirst for revenge against the huge sand worm he has hunted for years that cost him an arm and an eye. Today he battles in the HMM Arena to find new expeditions to hunt the monster.
Musical Style: Corsair Metal

Dirt Devil




Whenever Dirt Devil frontal clashes with enemies in high speed, he jumps over them, landing on the other side. During the jump, Dirt Devil cannot be hit by enemies attacks.

Character Guide


Dirt Devil is an Interceptor specialized in creating chaos in the arena by leaping through his enemies, leaving traps behind and using his harpoon to slow down his enemies and pull himself in their direction. Off-Road also allows the character to deliver the bomb in a pinch if your Transporter was destroyed. When enemies try to push him away from the objective, he just leaps through them and easily delivers.
His Land Mines deal a lot of damage if they are placed in the right places. Since the cooldown time is low and he can store up to 5 mines at once, you can believe that the sand pirate will cover the arena with them! The mines stay only for a short time before disappearing, but not only they deal considerable damage, they also Daze whoever drives through them, making them ideal to place near curves and force some “tragic accidents” with lava…
The Harpoon and Chains is the signature move of Dirt Devil, utilized for hunting the gigantic sand monster and to terrorize his opponents inside the arena. If used correctly, the Harpoon has a triple role: deals damage on hit, interferes with enemies movement and boosts Dirt Devil directly in front of the unfortunate person hit! This weapon is what separates the good Dirt Devil players from the bad, because it may give him the positioning necessary to destroy all his opponents with the Land Mines and use Hit’em Hard Mates!
His special ability, Hit’em Hard Mates!, shoots a flare upward calling for his crew members to invade the arena and start shooting down on his enemies. For a few seconds, the crew members in a helicopter will keep shooting in a marked area on the ground, and Dirt Devil may use the weapon again to reposition the threatened area. It looks unfair to call on your crew members in a flying machine to invade the arena… and it really is.


Lasting Revenge

Some Heavy Metal Machines matches can be very tight and hard to finish, with a team ALMOST delivering the bomb and then the game changes and they lose the point. In matches like these, it is important to help your allies to recover the bomb as soon as possible and disturb your opponents. Concussion Mines increase the Daze effect, making it much harder for your opponents to go long distances with the bomb, besides increasing the chances of them stepping into successive mines as well. Incremental Explosive increases the damage of your mines gradually until they are extremely lethal.
When you start to get really irritating to your opponents, they will surely start focusing on you to take you out of the match. In that case, Harp-and-steal will give you a good way of recovering health, essential to keep you alive. Power Loss takes a lot from the enemies damage, ideal to save yourself or to hold that Wildfire that is ready to destroy your whole team.
Last but not least, Symphony of Power allows you to call for your crew members much faster and Put More Gas in It! will make them stay longer.

Swallowed Whole

On the other side, some matches are so full of Interceptors with tons of damage, everyone is destroyed very quickly and bombs end up being delivered very quickly in a team kill moment. To enter this madness, Dirt Devil can focus on increasing his explosive potential, by getting All-Father right from the scratch, dealing more area damage.
King of the Dunes works very well with Recharging Chain, with one weapon helping to reload the other and making sure that Dirt Devil is never stopped doing nothing.
Electric Chain deals even more damage per second when hitting with the Harpoon, adding insult to injury.
With the addition of Bullets from Hell, it is not so surprising to see Dirt Devil in the top of the damage charts by the end of a match. Witness!


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