Double Trouble

The Clunker brothers are not quite what you might expect when thinking about a HMM pilot. These "good ol’ boys” are a rolling mass of confusion on the track. Their unique blend of wacky science, mechanical know-how and "good ol’ fashion country engineering” make them a quirky but effective interceptor. Their super magnet wielding tow-truck and its array of other magnetic gadgetry allow them to disrupt, drag and otherwise discombobulate enemy efforts in the arena. This often-dysfunctional pair of brothers often find themselves neck deep in all kinds of shenanigans on and off the track but they are sure to always entertain.



ADVANTAGE: Repulsive Machine

Clunker has an attracting aura that pulls enemies close to him. Decreases potency the closer the enemy is.


Character Guide


The Clunker brothers are interceptors who are extremely good at irritating the enemy team, dropping bombs and wreaking havoc. Spark Trap is an attack in the area that can hit any target nearby the Clunkers, as long as it is carefully launched at the right instant, since the electric gadget takes a fraction of a second to launch. The Thunder Tow is a big help to the Clunkers. Launched in front of the vehicle, it causes damage when connected to the target and can be carried for long distances toward the back of their truck, when it applies damage a second time at the end of the dragging action. It is used frequently to throw the target at the droppers (useful for taking the bomb away from the enemy) or in the lava (useful for taking away the bomb to destroy the enemy). It is also used to protect the transporter from the team itself, surgically removing from battle someone who is causing too much trouble. Mastery of Tow aim is crucial for helping the Clunkers reach their enormous destructive potential and causing the biggest possible headache, which is what the hicks do best. Death-Hole Drive, the brothers' special weapon, is also of great strategic use, besides causing major damage in the area. In addition to being able to toss enemies into the lava or crushers, the Clunkers are able to gather together the enemies nearby them so that another pilot can take advantage of this mash-up, like Rampage with his blade or Windrider with his special. The advantage, Repulsive Machine, gently attracts the movement of nearby enemies to bring them close to the trucks, making it harder to hit Spark Trap and Tow, synergizing effectively with the role of the Clunkers, which is to be smack dab in the middle of the trouble, and preferably, the main causes behind it. These guys are the perfect choice for those who like to be deeply hated by the other team, especially for those with mastery of Tow aim.


Iron Fist

A strategy focused on getting the most power out of Thunder Tow can turn the Clunker into the most hated machine inside the arena, which is what we want here, right? They can be highly effective when it comes to creating chaos for the opposite team and hitting it as a whole, but it can be a terrible nightmare when they decide to focus on a specific target. Beginning by improving Spark Trap with Tow Charges will reduce the Tow's load a lot, especially if you can hit several different targets with a single shot. After that, improving Tow with Runaway Recoil causes a heavy debuff of 40% in the speed of the affected enemy, which should be enough for the rest of the team to reach it if it is carrying the bomb, or leaving it outside the battle for a period it becomes too much of a hassle. Improved Tow Charges should guarantee that, shortly after the enemy recovers, it will be grabbed again by the Clunkers. Hardcore! Improving Spark Trap with Sorrow Dispenser ends up reducing the load of the Tow even more, since you'll use it frequently, benefitting from Runaway Recoil. Your fourth choice in this strategy should be to improve the Tow with Endless Drag, increasing its duration and making the victim's life unbearable.

Nuclear Magnet

The Death-Hole Drive, when well used, can change the result of the round in your favor and guarantee delivery of the bomb. Beginning the strategy by purchasing the generic improvement Symphony of Power ensures the use of the Death-Hole Drive earlier and more frequently. Using it on the lava curves can be a great way not only to hold the enemy team but also destroy several players at once, leaving your transporter free for delivery. After that, improving Death-Hole Drive with Gears of the Cargo increases the lethality of the special weapon even further. As a third improvement, the Hauling Might of the Thunder Tow protects Clunker and guarantees that he can position himself effectively in the middle of adversaries to use the special weapon in the best possible way, which will free up the bar of the ally transporter. Improving Spark Trap with Electrical Fix and Keep-out Blaster will keep the adversaries far from its transporter and remove their positive effects, creating enough synergy to make the life of your transporter even easier. As part of this strategy, the focus is on making fast deliveries that remove the enemy team's chance to react but still guarantee a good defense using Spark Trap to push the enemy bomb into the droppers and the adversaries into the lava more frequently.


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