Black Lotus

The greatest mystery of Metal City

An extraordinary race pilot or a mystical being? Black Lotus has the reputation of an urban legend wrapped up in mysteries - nobody knows anything about him, including if in fact is a he or she... All that is known is that Black Lotus runs like hell! Fast and evasive, it's a specialist in delivering the bomb and only plays to win.

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ADVANTAGE: Perpetual Motion

Black Lotus' Nitro recharge rate is 25% faster than other Machines.


Character Guide


Nobody knows where the hell Black Lotus came from, but his/her racing experience is evident: the weapons are focused on evading opponents and driving really, REALLY fast. In addition to radically increasing mobility, the weapons allow dodging from enemy shots and, if used competently (which is difficult and requires practice), can also cause a hefty amount of damage. Black Lotus' experience in the track (this universe or another) confers to the machine's advantage Perpetual Motion, reaching maximum speed in half the time other machines would and will greatly help to deliver the bomb as well as the enemy chases. Quantum Leap, Black Lotus' registered trademark on the arena, makes the machine jump forward and by going through the enemies, it will cause them damage. This maneuver is used all the time and makes Lotus an incredibly fast machine and quite difficult to get caught up or hit by weapons. There's also a great destructive potential when properly aimed. Yes, it takes practice time to get Quantum Leap right frequently, but pointing it with mastery makes Lotus a transporter with excellent interception capabilities. His (or her) second weapon is Spectre, which makes the machine intangible (removing collision when in contact with enemies). With that, it'll be tricky to cut Black Lotus off. To wrap up with the weapons, we have the Curse of Yama. This special makes Black Lotus invulnerable, returning 200% of the damage back to the enemy and applies Slow to those who touch her/his machine. The Curse is the perfect weapon not just for defending the enemies' specials, but also to pulverize them with their own damage and to open the gap between those who hit you, because it makes the opponent move at a much slower pace and improves the conditions to deliver the bomb. A racing pilot needs to have mastery over the machine. But the effort is certainly rewarded. While not much is known about the mysterious machine and how the (handkerchief) pilot fits in Metal City's history, it's undeniable that he/she is in Metal City to make history.


Pitch-black Darkness

Speed, agility and a lot of damage. These are Black Lotus' main characteristics. On top of that, it's possible to add durability to the mix, making him/her/it a nightmare for interceptors. The two upgrades for making Black Lotus the greatest enemy of interceptors are, at the same time, the cheapest ones. Metallic Merger and Eerie Veil will make it so that you get repaired each time you hit your enemies. Remembering that both weapons can hit several enemies, which can make lack Loutes leave combat with full health. Afterwards, the Stillness upgrade will help you avoid interceptor attacks that are depending on a head-to-head conflict. As both self-repairing upgrades depend on the damage you cause, the next upgrades are focused on increasing. Get Bullets from Hell and Shadow of Ruin. With that amount of damage and repair, your special weapon will be recharging at the speed of light, so, as a follow-up, we'll improve it by purchasing Touch of Damnation.

Death Race

Black Lotus can be very talented when it comes to slaughter. This strategy maximizes the damage done and utilizes the fast and efficient interceptor vocation. Let's start by closing up Quantum Leap. First, with Metallic Merger, which will drain the enemies' health every time the Leap hits them. Second, with Reverberation, which will increase the damage done. Causing more damage and repairing the machine, we've made Lotus more aggressive and with the capability of self-sustaining on the track for a longer period without the need of leaving the fight. Firstly, we can get the generic bonus attack skill to make the machine more lethal. Improving Spectre with Shadow of Ruin, increasing the Leap's damage even further. Doing more damage and draining more health should speed up the rate in which the Curse of Yama recharges. Try to foresee when the enemies are about to utilize a special attack so you can punish them with immediate destruction, through the 200% of damage reflection. You can improve its duration by getting the Touch of Damnation upgrade. To wrap up this strategy, close Spectre with Timeless Wraith so that it can last longer and, with that, increase the potential of causing damage.


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