PhD Combat Doctor

In the old world, she was described as crazy. But when the APOCALYPSE came and turned everything upside down, she releaveled herself as a brilliant scientist. Upon exploring every nook and cranny of the Wastelands, she used her vast knowledge and acumen to found Metal City.



ADVANTAGE: Swift Thrusters

Artificer's Turbo activation is faster than that of other Machines, but reaches its top speed slower.


Character Guide


Artificer is not the type of scientist that hides on the depths of her laboratory. At the drop of a hat, she gets it done. In the arena, she's always a part of the combat repairing allies. Her advantage, the Swift Thrusters, ensures that she can quickly get closer to an ally in need of repairs, which is also useful when in need of leaving a fight to fix her machine. The first weapon, Metal Mender, is her registered trademark: a shot that connects itself to the closest ally. While the button is being held, the Mender will keep repairing the colleague until it overheats. The Electroblaster is Artificer's offensive tool, hitting the closest enemy automatically and bouncing it to the enemies that surround him/her, providing damage and slow for both. It is of great importance that the Electroblaster is used continuously while the Metal Mender repairs an ally. Artificer can use both of them simultaneously, so don't forget to damage them while repairing your friends. Finally, the Total Shutdown applies Disarm to all enemy pilots in the arena, for a brief amount of time. Yes, it doesn't matter where they are on the map, they won't be able to use weapons for a few seconds. No one can hide from science! With the high efficiency of individual repairs and automatic enemy hits within the area, Artificer is an excellent Support choice for those not trying to do a lot of aiming. But it's not due to this fact that it means she will easily be mastered: the experienced player should prioritize the repair target, keep on hitting enemies amidst the combat and know the exact moment to use Total Shutdown to ensure the bomb delivery.


Cure Ph.D.

This strategy leaves behind the damage and focuses on maximizing Artificer's repair power. Starting with the Atomic Feedback upgrade for the Metal Mender, you'll be able to repair yourself and keep alive in the battle to continue repairing your allies - with no needed to run away from the fight to recover your health. After this, we can close up the Metal Mender by purchasing Wave Extention, getting more time to repair your teammates (which means more repair for Artificer as well). The third upgrade will be the Exothermic Shock for the Electroblaster. If you wanna do a better use of this weapon, remember to ALWAYS use it to damage your enemies and still repair your friends. The correct use is using them simultaneously - this is the difference between a pro player and a rookie. In the end, finish the Electroblaster with the Lightning Coils to increase its Slow power and help to keep your enemies away from the transporter.

Combat Medicine

Here we're creating a strategy to develop the damage capability of Artificer. We start with the Electrobuster being upgraded with Turbocharger and Energy Propagator. This is gonna increase the frequency of its use and how often you're gonna hit your enemies - remembering that three of them will be slowed down, which makes it highly recommended for fighting multiple enemies. The first upgrade to buy for Metal Mender is the Radioactive Field, which is gonna undermine the enemies close to the ally that you're repairing. Then, you have to choose between the Atomic Feedback (in case you're being targeted by the enemies) or the Overclock in case you wanna to give more firepower to your allies (which is also great for fighting offensive transporters such as Full Metal Judge and Black Lotus). Remeber that the more you used the Electrobuster, the faster your ultimate weapon will charge. So, besides upgrading it with Directed Shutdown, you have to use it nearby the delivery point to assure your team will complete the task!


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