The World has gone MAD!

The apocalypse is over and only Heavy Metal Machines remains. Welcome to a world of vehicular madness, mayhem and relentless destruction where you will put survival of the fittest to the test. You must decimate your enemies just to get by.


Grab the bomb, plant it at the enemy base, and try not to get pulverized in the process. This shall be your mission should you choose to accept it. Deliver the bomb and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

Be INSANE with your FRIENDS!

Don't take on the madness alone! Experience the insanity of Heavy Metal Machines with all of your friends!

Game Guide

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The Interceptors are specialized in preventing enemies from taking the bomb. They have strong push capacity or good damage. Their goal is to take the bomb from the enemy!


The Supports are focused on helping carriers deliver the bomb by repairing and protecting them while also disrupting the enemy.


The Transporters are experts in delivering the bomb to the enemy base. Resistance, speed and agility are some of their skills.

Killer J.

Once a leader of a troupe of artists, Killer J. quickly became famous for using his group as a guise while practicing crimes such as robbery in the communities he visited. Unable to fool anyone else, he joined the arena to continue his businesses in Metal City.

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Passive - Clownmikaze

Activates a time bomb when on the verge of destruction.

Weapon 1 - Twist the Metal

Fireworks that make opponents go haywire.

Weapon 2 - Wait for it...

Throws a trinket that forces opponent to accelerate

Weapon 3 - Punchline

Accelerates, exploding in the end.

Special Weapon - The Big Joke

Rockets that make opponents spin.


Photon wandered around the world looking for her ancestors - a civilization that fought to stop the apocalypse. All she could find was an abandoned citadel in ruins. Upon her return, she brought a special car that could only be activated with the necklace she carries since her childhood. She fights on HMM to find any of her remaining ancestors.

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Passive - Lights on Me

Hitting targets with your Weapons activates self-repair.

Weapon 1 - Harder

Casts disintegrating lasers.

Weapon 2 - Better

Casts lights on her sides that repairs allies

Weapon 3 - Faster

Accelerates, releasing a trail of light and lasers.

Special Weapon - Stronger

Activates "Better" and "Faster" for an extended duration.


Stingray lives alone since he was a little kid in the Metal City tunnels. He became famous for his underground TV broadcasts, featuring his adventures. When he was captured by the Sect of Metal, he was set free by popular acclaim. Now he must fight in HMM to pay his debt, what he does with great pleasure.

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Weapon 1 - Discs of Doom

Shoots multiple discs.

Weapon 2 - Power Wave

Casts a wave forward.

Weapon 3 - Powerslide

Propels itself forward at high speed.

Special Weapon - Ultra Final Blaster

Shoots a frontal laser.

Dirt Devil

Famous pirate leader who navigates the Sand Seas of the Wasted Lands, Dirt Devil has earned that name thanks to his thirst for revenge against the huge sand worm he has hunted for years that cost him an arm and an eye. Today he battles in the HMM Arena to find new expeditions to hunt the monster.

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Passive - Kick the Dirt!

Leaps over opponents.

Weapon 1 - Trap!

Plants landmines.

Weapon 2 - Get'em Boyz!

Helicopter that attacks an area.

Weapon 3 - Ride On!

Shoots a harpoon, being able to retract to opponent.

Special Weapon - Release the Devil!

Flare gun that creates a whirlwind.

Full Metal Judge

A wasteland slayer, Full Metal Judge was known as "The Red Blight - for where he wanders nobody survives"…until he was captured by the Sect of Metal, where he received a new life: Kill heretics in the name of the Sect to obtain his redemption.

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Weapon 1 - Triple Tap

Shoots three missiles in a burst.

Weapon 2 - Dead or Alive

Alternates between Defensive and Offensive modes. Defensive Mode: Receives shield over time and upon hitting his weapons. Offensive Mode: Receives damage over time, but weapons have increased damage.

Weapon 3 - Relentless Plague

Accelerates, damaging opponents while pushing them.

Special Weapon - Sentence: Death

Keeps "Triple Tap" firing for a while.


The spirit of vengeance haunts Metal City! Windrider fights for her ancient homeland…or what's left of it. In the arena, she is useful both in attack and defense. They claim she has supernatural powers…or is it just a product of radioactive mutations?

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Weapon 1 - Wind Hunter

Summons the eagle spirit.

Weapon 2 - Bull Rush

Invokes the herd of spiritual buffaloes.

Weapon 3 - Indomitable Spirit

Joins horses that grant speed and repairs allies.

Special Weapon - Realm of the Ancients

Turns nearby allies invulnerable, repairing them.


The tournament has become hotter since Wildfire joined with her flaming hot rod! Her powerful fire burns even the fastest and toughest machines! Tires, seats, metal, everything melts! Let her get close enough and you could be next…

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Passive - In Flames

Wildfire's Weapons leaves enemies burning.

Weapon 1 - Flaming Sphere

Launches a fireball forward.

Weapon 2 - Blast of Fire

Unleashes an explosion around you.

Weapon 3 - Volcanic Road

Leaves a trail of fire on the ground.

Special Weapon - Hellfire

Ignites flames around you, causing an explosion.


Expert machinist who dreamed of the restoration of the world, but was betrayed and left in forced labor to construct a fortress. Under the radar, he designed his masterpiece of destruction: his bulldozer, used to destroy his captors and their fortress, earning his freedom.

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Passive - Anger Management

The lift serves as a shield, reducing all the damage from attacks coming from the front.

Weapon 1 - Minimum Wage

Smashes and pushes opponents in front of you.

Weapon 2 - Harassment

Hits the lift on the floor, opening a fissure that messes up with the opponents' controls.

Weapon 3 - Traffic Jam

Accelerates and smashes opponents against walls

Special Weapon - Saturday Shift

Strikes with his lift, obliterating everything around him

Metal Herald

The "ayatollah" of rock n' roll, the new world messia…Everybody knows him, especially when he uses his machine's special amplifiers. Nobody knows if it's engineering or divine powers; the only thing that matters is that if he's on your team, he will protect you.

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Weapon 1 - Shadow Stroke

Shoots metal energy.

Weapon 2 - Runes of Sacrifice

Shoots a metal wave that concedes shield to allies.

Weapon 3 - Black Metal

Abruptly accelerates your machine

Special Weapon - Herald's Decree

Grants shield to allies nearby.

Little Monster

Little Monster just showed up at the Arena one day and started driving, to the surprise of everyone…when they saw it was a child behind the wheel! But this surprise didn't last long. As the child of the only unbeaten champion, she has proven herself a relentless and violent pilot, using her dead old man's truck.

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Passive - Thrash Metal

Crushes enemies in front of you.

Weapon 1 - Syphon of Destruction

Pull opponents towards you.

Weapon 2 - Mosh Pit

Leaps to dodge threats.

Weapon 3 - Stampede

Abruptly accelerates your machine.

Special Weapon - Iron Maiden

Leaps and activates self-repair for a while.


Those two pilots driving a single car? These are the Clunker Brothers, 'cause they need both brains to compete! One steps on the gas, the other uses the custom made, huge magnet to pull their enemies. They may look old-fashioned, but these two rednecks have several surprises in their tow truck.

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Weapon 1 - Shock Away

Expands a magnetic field.

Weapon 2 - Death Magnet

Shoots a tow magnet.

Weapon 3 - Electric Rush

Magnetizes your machine, gaining speed.

Special Weapon - Singularity

Explodes a magnetic field around him, drawing opponents.

Black Lotus

A race pilot or a mystical being? Black Lotus is full of mysteries - nobody knows anything about them, not even their gender…Just that "they" runs like hell! Evasive and fast, their only focus is to deliver the bomb; it's their true speciality.

Character Guide


Weapon 1 - Astral Projection

Shoots a copy that reduces "Karma's" recharge time upon hitting opponents

Weapon 2 - Karma

Becomes invulnerable, bouncing back the damage blocked. Blocking an attack reduces this weapon's cooldown.

Weapon 3 - Soul Pilgrim

Activates a quick boost forward. Includes three charges.

Special Weapon - Nirvana

Recharges all weapons upon activation. Reduces cooldowns and increases acceleration throughout its duration.


During the old world, she was described as crazy. Then came the apocalypse and she revealed herself as a brilliant scientist! She has explored the devastated world and helped to establish Metal City, but the Sect of Metal took the credit. Now she fights to prove the value of science over religion.

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Passive - Metallic Bond

Repairs allies around you.

Weapon 1 - Ride the Lightning

Frontal shot that repairs allies and damages opponents.

Weapon 2 - Thunderstruck

Lightning that causes area damage.

Weapon 3 - Electric Engine

Thrusts your machine forward.

Special Weapon - Thunderdome

Generates an electric field around you.


A simple trucker from the north who used to deliver cargo and meet people on the road, but after losing the Horn of the Ice Giant, he had to participate in the tournament to find the thief and consequently be accepted to his village once again.

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Passive - Freeze

Icebringer's weapons cause Freeze

Weapon 1 - Iceberg

Creates an ice barrier. Launches the ice barrier upon releasing the button.

Weapon 2 - Hauling Ice

Discharges an ice barrier attached by chains.

Weapon 3 - Ice Block

Creates an ice armor that pulls opponents.

Special Weapon - Black Ice

Concentrates the air around him, releasing a blizzard.


Stargazer is a young astronaut chosen to go to space and remain in stasis along with a group of gifted children during the apocalypse. When they awoke, she had to become a leader and find a way back home. Brought back with the help of the Underdogs, now she helps them in the arena and fights for a better future for the kids.

Character Guide


Weapon 1 - Orbital Beam

Activates a laser that deals area damage.

Weapon 2 - Life Support System

Applies a laser that repairs allies.

Weapon 3 - Warp

Teleports to the selected position.

Special Weapon - Entangle

Teleports to an allied target and attaches to it.


Sent to the Tournament to fight for the Imperial City of Manfall and the honor of all Zoomorphs, General Steel is one of the strongest generals of the empire. With the help of his loyal soldiers, he is ready to show that the Zoomorphs are more than just a lab experiment, they are the new order, ready to take over the world and show their superiority.

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Weapon 1 - Supremacy Shot

Fires a shot with the cannon.

Weapon 2 - Bullseye

Fires a missile.

Weapon 3 - Riot Control

Fires a cone-shaped burst for dispersion.

Special Weapon - Red Carpet

Bombs an area with multiple missiles.


Member of the decimated motorcycle gang of bounty hunters, the Vulture Blades MC, his life was transposed into a Golem to cheat death and stay in the hunt for eternity. Now he competes in the arena, hunting pilots and looking for contracts. Maybe you will be the next one in his blacklist.

Character Guide


Weapon 1 - Mark of the Hunt

Launches a blade that marks enemies temporarily. Has 3 charges.

Weapon 2 - Blade Rip

All blades launched are activated to return to Vulture. Blades stuck on enemies deal damage upon being removed.

Weapon 3 - Soul Ravage

Jumps forward, allowing him to pass through enemies and deals damage based on the number of marks of the target.

Special Weapon - Thrill of the Hunt

Launches several blades that attach to enemies or location it drops. Increases the number of blades launched on each kill caused by Vulture.


Deadly cars. Insane battles.

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