The World has gone MAD!

The apocalypse is over and only Heavy Metal Machines remains. Welcome to a world of vehicular madness, mayhem and relentless destruction where you will put survival of the fittest to the test. You must decimate your enemies just to get by.


Grab the bomb, plant it at the enemy base, and try not to get pulverized in the process. This shall be your mission should you choose to accept it. Deliver the bomb and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

Be INSANE with your FRIENDS!

Dont take on the madness alone! Experience the insantity of Heavy Metal Machines with all of your friends!

Fill your role


The Interceptors are specialized in preventing enemies from taking the bomb. They have strong push capacity or good damage. Their goal is to take the bomb from the enemy!


The Supports are foccused on helping carriers deliver the bomb by repairing and protecting them while also disrupting the enemy.


The Transporters are experts in delivering the bomb to the enemy base. Resistance, speed and agility are some of their skills.


During the old world, she was described as crazy. Then came the apocalypse and she revealed herself as a brilliant scientist! She has explored the devastated world and helped to establish Metal City, but the Sect of Metal took the credit. Now she fights to prove the value of science over religion.


Metal Mender

Artificer launches a bonding beam to the closest ally, repairing hit points while it is in reach. If the ally gets out of reach the repairing bond is lost.


Fires a ray against the closest enemy, dealing damage. The ray bounces to the next closest enemy, dealing the same amount of damage. Both targets are slowed.

Total Shutdown

On activation, all enemy machines in the arena are unable to use their weapons for a short period.

Swift Thrusters

Artificer doesn't use Nitro. Instead, she has a quick boost forward with a faster cooldown.

Black Lotus

A race pilot or a mystical being? Black Lotus is full of mysteries - nobody knows anything about them, not even their gender…Just that "they" runs like hell! Evasive and fast, their only focus is to deliver the bomb; it's their true speciality.


Quantum Leap

Black Lotus leaps forward, passing through other machines. Enemies take damage.


On activation, Black Lotus will not collide with enemies for a few seconds. During this time, if their machine passes through an enemy, it causes damage and drains their Nitro.

Curse of Yama

Black Lotus becomes invulnerable for a few seconds. If attacked during this time, they'll return the damage and the enemy becomes slowed

Perpetual Motion

Black Lotus' Nitro recharge rate is 25% faster than other Machines.


Those two pilots driving a single car? These are the Clunker Brothers, 'cause they need both brains to compete! One steps on the gas, the other uses the custom made, huge magnet to pull their enemies. They may look old-fashioned, but these two rednecks have several surprises in their tow truck.


Spark Trap

Clunker emits a pulse around him, causing damage to any enemy it hits.

Thunder Tow

Clunker fires a long range tow in front of him that pulls an enemy for a few seconds. Causes damage upon hitting and at its duration's end.

Death-Hole Drive

After a small charge, Clunker emits a pulse around him, causing damage and pulling all nearby enemies to his rear.

Repulsive Machine

Clunker has an attracting aura that pulls enemies close to him.

Little Monster

Little Monster just showed up at the Arena one day and started driving, to the surprise of everyone…when they saw it was a child behind the wheel! But this surprise didn't last long. As the child of the only unbeaten champion, she has proven herself a relentless and violent pilot, using her dead old man's truck.


Devourer's Maw

Little Monster attacks in a frontal cone dealing damage per second. This repairs Little Monster for a percentage of the damage caused.

Crushing Pounce

Little Monster jumps forward with her car, dodging enemy attacks. When she hits the ground she deals damage to enemies in the area.

Terror Carapace

On activation Little Monster receives a huge amount of hit points for a few seconds.


Little Monster runs over enemy machines, dealing damage to them. Both Little Monster and the enemies are slowed.

Metal Herald

The "ayatollah" of rock n' roll, the new world messia…Everybody knows him, especially when he uses his machine's special amplifiers. Nobody knows if it's engineering or divine powers; the only thing that matters is that if he's on your team, he will protect you



Metal Herald shoots an energy attack in front of him that repairs hit points on allies and deals damage on enemies.

Melodic Vessel

Metal Herald drops a Vessel on the ground. Any ally who touches it repairs hit points per second for a few seconds. Any enemy who touches it receives damage per second for a few seconds.

Chord of Omnipotence

Metal Herald makes allies around him invulnerable for a few seconds.

Harmonic Touch

When Metal Herald hits allies with his weapons, he removes negative effects on them.


Expert machinist who dreamed of the restoration of the world, but was betrayed and left in forced labor to construct a fortress. Under the radar, he designed his masterpiece of destruction: his bulldozer, used to destroy his captors and their fortress, earning his freedom.


Blade Smash

A blade attack that deals damage and pushes enemies.

Demolition Engine

Rampage charges in a straight line, dragging all enemies in his way, dealing damage. If he drags an enemy into a wall, Rampage deals additional damage.


Rampage releases a shockwave in front of him that deals damage and pushes back any enemies in its path. The wave goes in a straight line, passing through walls.


Rampage's blade works as a shield, reducing the damage he takes in front of him.


The tournament has become hotter since Wildfire joined with her flaming hotrod! Her powerful fire burns even the fastest and toughest machines! Tires, seats, metal, everything melts! Let her get close enough and you could be next…


Whirling Dragon

A flamethrower that shoots all around Wildfire's car, causing damage per second. This damage is reduced for each additional enemy she hits.

Devil's Spit

Shoots a fire bomb in a straight line that causes damage and pushes enemies.

Drop of Destruction

Launches a lava explosion around herself that causes big amounts of damage to any enemy it hits.

Metal Melter

Wildfire deals additional damage per second for a few seconds when she hits an enemy with any of her weapons.


The spirit of vengeance haunts Metal City! Windrider fights for her ancient homeland…or what's left of it. In the arena, she is useful both in attack and defense. They claim she has supernatural powers…or is it just a product of radioactive mutations?


Ghostly Avenger

Windrider shoots an eagle forward that passes through objects, causing damage and pushing any enemy it hits.

Road Wraiths

Summon horses in front of Windrider for a few seconds. The horses push enemies away, dealing damage. Road Wraiths also creates small pick-ups on the ground. Allies who touch a pick-up repair hit points.

Gates to Nowhere

Windrider banishes all allies and enemies around her for a few seconds, making them unable to act or to be affected by any other effects. Allies are repaired.

Winds of Change

Windrider provides a mystical trail that repairs allies according to their speed. The faster the ally, the better the repair.


Deadly cars. Insane battles

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